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$ 150000

Are you leaving money on the table?

Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations and not be able to defuse the situation without going to court.

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What is your company worth?

Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations and not be able to defuse the situation without going to court.

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We offer a Broad Range of Legal Services

Our attorneys will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as business disputes and partnership dissolutions.


In the Court of law

We apply our vast experiences and knowledge to resolve your matters out of court, but when litigation is the only option, we are prepared to advocate for you before the Local, State and Federal courts.


Direct Way of Justice

Justice does not always require litigation, but when it does we apply our vast know-how and leverage the robust legal expertise working within the court system.  Our mission is to achieve justice in the most direct way possible.


Corporate Lawsuits

Most business disputes are better resolved between the parties; however, we realize that is not always possible.  Whether through the use of Mediation, Arbitration, or the Courts, our team is equipped to advocate strongly for our clients while counseling them on the impacts of the potential outcomes allowing them to make informed and advised decisions.


Protecting Business

At times we find ourselves in apposition where we must protect ourselves and our companies.  Even if our clients do not initiate a litigation we are here to defend and support them in the fight.  We apply our experience and resources attempting to first reach an economic resolution for our clients while being mindful that litigation and placing the decision in the hands of the Courts may ultimately be necessary.


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Our attorneys will also represent you in civil litigation cases such as business disputes.

The Functioning of The Organization

Comparison between various entity types.

Robert J. Hopp has been providing me with legal advice for both business and personal issues for many years. He has an invaluable understanding of business, acquisitions and corporate law. Robert sat on the Board of Directors for Digital Access and provided remarkable insight and advice. Robert Hopp is a consummate professional and a good friend that I highly recommend.

Dean Weiner | Director, Security Operations

I have worked with Robert Hopp for several years. His firm has done work for me personally and has also done work for many of my clients. I am a Financial Services Professional and work with many closely held companies. Robert Hopp has always handled this relationship with integrity and confidence.

Mike Jones | Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management

Robert J. Hopp is a consummate professional and thoughtful in his approach to his legal practice and the clients he represents. He is also a kind and generous man who supports some very worthy nonprofit organizations and when he does he offers the same amount of energy and intensity as he does for his clients. Give him a call. He's also a great "connector" and can put you in touch with the right people to meet your needs.

Z.J. Czupor | The Interpro Group

Robert Hopp has been providing me and my family with legal advice for both business and personal issues for many years. He runs a top-notch firm and I highly recommend the Denali Law Firm.

Ed Bassett | Metis Security

We used Robert Hopp to handle all of our legal work with Slipglass. He has a long history with our founder, and I understand why he was on our team. Robert Hopp has a deep understanding of business start-ups, acquisitions and corporate structuring. His advice and direction were invaluable. I would recommend Robert Hopp to anyone looking for high ethics, and good follow-through.

Mark Chambers | Slipglass

Robert Hopp and his firm have provide excellent estate planning service to me over the past several years.

Tim Larson | RoundPegg

Robert Hopp is a pleasure to work with. He and I have worked for common clients in the past, and Robert's clients have consistently remarked on the level of trust they have in both his competence and his integrity. Robert also demonstrates a high degree of strategic thinking and creative problem solving on behalf of his clients.

Chad King | Partner, Swanson & Bratschun

Robert Hopp's ideas and energy helped to put together a comprehensive plan that has enabled me to build a solid financial future. I trust Robert implicitly, his values and ethics are unquestioned.

Jeff Possehl | CyberRidge

As the President of a small consulting and training firm, I retained Robert Hopp to review corporate documentation, advise me on areas of concern, and support partnering activities with other such business organizations. I found Robert and his staff very personable and with expert knowledge of corporate law. Their work was an excellent value that was performed at a reasonable cost for very reliable products.

Tom Vanderheiden | Sr. Consultant

Robert Hopp is a highly effective lawyer both in his botttom line results and cost. I would recommend Robert Hopp to anyone in which he has a field of expertise.

Steve Dymond | Attorney, Steve H. Dymond, PC

I hired Robert Hopp to maintain our company minutes which he files yearly. I recently had an issue with the files and Robert jumped in and found a solution. He handled it quickly and efficiently. Robert Hopp will be handling our stock shares of our company long into the future.

Kirk Axelson | Precission Draperies

I've had the occassion to refer several clients to Robert Hopp for Estate Planning consultations and all have been thoroughly satisfied with his services.

George Ball | Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Drawing from over twenty years running his businesses and counseling clients, Robert Hopp has been able to help me accelerate my business.

Joe Sainz | 5280 Realty

When you have experience on your team the challenges of business are easier. Robert J. Hopp has been there when we needed his experience and counsel. We could not do it without him!

J. Jones | Jones Scones

Robert J. Hopp has representing my business and my family for years, we would not make a move without him on our team.

Doug Chorpenning | Wet Paint Group

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