As a lawyer, as a private citizen, you see a lot of injustice. You see a lot of people who should have been punished and are not, and people who were punished wrongfully and not vindicated.

– Robert J. Hopp, Founder of of Denali Law Firm


Business Litigation


Estate Planning

Experience in the Courtroom


When issues cannot be resolved without involving the courts we offer hourly, contingency fee, and hybrid arrangements for business litigation, allowing businesses to realize the best legal representation while balancing the costs of litigation.  With a contingency fee arrangement, we may carry the costs of litigation initially and accept a percentage of the settlement as payment.

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Let our vast experience of representing hundreds of restaurants and clubs around the world support and guide your business.  We often are engaged as general counsel for your establishment to handle routine and not so routine matters without you having to have counsel on staff.  This arrangement allows you to access our experience when you need it without having to carry the costs of legal counsel on staff when you do not.

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Experience when it counts

Experience to Close Deals


Allow our decades of business experience to help guide your venture.  Whether you are looking to start a small family business or contemplating your exit and transition to retirement we are here to assist you.  We have represented and facilitated countless transactions for small to medium sized businesses focusing on the unique needs and requirements of the business owners.

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Our clients work hard to build their businesses and wealth, we are here to make sure it is protected and available when you want to enjoy it.  Through proper estate planning and asset protection you can rest assured that your years of hard work will not be lost.  Allow our team to talk to you about estate planning and protecting your assets.

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Protection with Experience

Experience Protecting your IP


Much of what we do these day is creative.  Our seasoned attorneys are here to help you protect and preserve your creativity.  Whether trademark and copyright, licensing or patent protection we are here to help.  Intellectual property is a significant asset of most business owners, athletes and entertainers.   Proper planning and protection can allow you to enjoy your hard work and efforts.

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Real Estate

We have a deep understanding of real estate and real estate transactions whether raw land, commercial, or residential from development through purchase and sales.  Our experience comes from decades of assisting clients build and mange their real estate holdings.  We work on an hourly, project and retainer basis to best fit your needs.

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Real Property Experience

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